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Seed added salted fish

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[Sunhofood Co.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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< Low-Salted Korea fermennted well-being fish >

It is well-being food and korea people always love eating this as with rice.
we recommend our food that can be eaten with rice in your home.



 It is a salted fish with rich nutrition by making salted fish with seeds such as pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, etc.



Seed added salted fish

Ingredient / Additive

cuttle fish 25%(korea), herring roe 25%(Scotland),
small octopus 15%(china), salt 5%(korea), dried red pepper powder 4.5%,
mixed seasoning sauce 3.8%, starch syrup 4%, Oleoresin Paprika 3%,
sunflower seed 3%, pumpkin seed 3%, Sesame 1.5%, Black Sesame 1.5%,
sugar 1.5%, garlic 1%, garlic powder 0.5%,
D-sorbitol 1%, Oleoresin capsicum 0.5%,
monosodium glutamate 0.5%, ginger powder 0.2%,
sprite 0.2%, fanta 0.2%, fish sauce 0.1%

Shelf Life /Storage way

6 months / Keep product refrigerated ( 0˚C ~ 10˚C )


100g , 600g, 1kg, 10kg

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Seed added salted fish